That day, I met Jackson for the first time. Jackson’s personality is always bright and full of energy so when he came in he yelled "Hey hey B-boy king! B-boy king! Hi hi!!". Then I just accepted it and said "Uh~" . His face darkened and he was looking sad, like thinking "Why is this person so serious?", and I, so, thought "Why is he behaving like this?". But after awhile, we match with each other and he became one of my closest friends. - JB


new definition of cute

video cr

OH MYYYY idk if I can think of Jinwoo as the fake maknae anymore cuz DAMN SON he looks grown. Grown in the best possible way. ;)
from Anonymous


i feeL yOU



warning: you may be the next to fall in love if you observe this man too much.

love so strong it knocks your cap off (Ɔ˘⌣˘)˘⌣˘ C)

When the foreign team has to do the closing in Korean..

GOT7 Japan Mobile Greetings from Jackson